Project Information

Project Information

In several European countries a high proportion of the most experienced and knowledgeable personnel in the explosives industry are retiring or nearing retirement. It is therefore necessary to replenish this expertise in this key technology area.

Pilot project
Within the limits of the Leonardo programme the pilot project will develop a comprehensive framework which will describe and categorise all of the competencies of workers engaged in the manufacture or use of explosives. The competencies will be underpinned by a training and education programme which will identify the curriculum of subjects and topics and knowledge necessary to generate and develop the competencies. A range of products including workbased learning programmes, e-learning packages using both the Internet and CD-ROM, and conventional teaching materials will be developed and trialled in partner nations.

​European co-operation
The project is run in co-operation among Sweden, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy and Norway. The partners represent the explosives industry, universities, trade unions, consultants, organisations for vocational training and authorities.

Project meetings
A first project meeting was held in Karlskoga, Sweden on the 12th and 13th of November 2003. At that meeting the following topics were discussed.

– Communication in the project.
– Work packages.
– Project calendar.

EUExcert Information

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EUExcert Symposium 13-15 June 2007, at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham, UK
– EUExcert Final Broschure with Programme

New Publications
– European Explosives Qualifications – The EUExcert Project
– Developments in the European Qualification for Workers in the Explosives Sector

Conference EUExcert Education and Training in Explosives 13 – 15 June 2007 at Cranfield University

 Explosive substances and articles: Standards and Qualifications
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 Competence transfer in Nammo Raufoss AS
English Version

Kompetanseoverføring ved Nammo Raufoss AS
Norwegian version

Theory in Practice
Paper to the Symposium Education & Training in Explosives at Shrivenham 15-17 June         2005
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See OH-Presentation

EFEE Adopted shotfier requirements
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Developing and Maintaining Skills in the Explosive Sector
I.G.Wallace & J.Akhavan, Cranfield University, Shrivenham Campus, Swindon, SN6 8LA, U.K H.Wallin & E.Nilsson, Competence Centre Energetic Material, KCEM AB, Gammelbackavägen 6, SE-   691 51 Karlskoga, Sweden (Presented at the EFEE Conference in Brighton September 2005) Read publication

Education and Training in the Explosive Sector
Jacqueline Akhavan, Cranfield University, Defence Academy of UK, Shrivenham, Swindon, SN68LA,UK (Presented at the NIXT Conferece in Johannesburg South Africa April 2005)
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Vocational training for Personnel in the Swedish Explosives Sector
Erik Nilsson, Hans Wallin and Kent Kärrlander, KCEM 
(Leonardo valorisation conference in Tallinn, Estonia 2005-01-20-21)
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Learning at work – A mean to creating company competitiveness
Hanne Randle, APeL, August 2004
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Vocational training for Personnel in the Swedish Explosives Sector
Erik Nilsson and Hans Wallin, KCEM
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Educating the Next Generation of Explosives Specialists
Professor Ian G Wallace, Department of Environmental & Ordnance Systems,Cranfield, University, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8LA, United Kingdom
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EU-Excert a European project for Developing and Maintaining Skills and Competencies for Personnel in the Explosives Sector1
Hans Wallin, KCEM AB, Karlskoga
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