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  •    Explosive substances and articles: Standards and Qualifications more

  •     Theory in Practice
       Paper to the Symposium Education & Training in Explosives at Shrivenham 15-17 June         2005 Publication [PDF 251 kb] OH-presentation [PDF 860 kb]
  •     Developing and Maintaining Skills in the Explosive Sector
       I.G.Wallace & J.Akhavan, Cranfield University, Shrivenham Campus, Swindon, SN6 8LA, U.K
       H.Wallin & E.Nilsson, Competence Centre Energetic Material, KCEM AB, Gammelbackavägen 6, SE-   691 51 Karlskoga, Sweden
       (Presented at the EFEE Conference in Brighton September 2005) Publication [PDF 122 kb]
  •     Education and Training in the Explosive Sector
       Jacqueline Akhavan, Cranfield University, Defence Academy of UK, Shrivenham, Swindon,               SN68LA,UK
       (Presented at the NIXT Conferece in Johannesburg South Africa April 2005) Publication [PDF 129 kb]
  •     Vocational training for Personnel in the Swedish Explosives Sector
       Erik Nilsson, Hans Wallin and Kent Kärrlander, KCEM
       (Leonardo valorisation conference in Tallinn, Estonia 2005-01-20-21) Publication [PPT 10 167 kb]
  •     Learning at work - A mean to creating company competitiveness
       Hanne Randle, APeL, August 2004 Publication [PDF 154 kb]
  •     Vocational training for Personnel in the Swedish Explosives Sector
       Erik Nilsson and Hans Wallin, KCEM Publication [PDF 46 kb]
  •     Educating the Next Generation of Explosives Specialists
       Professor Ian G Wallace, Department of Environmental & Ordnance Systems,Cranfield                  University, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8LA, United Kingdom Publication [PDF 315 kb]

·         EU-Excert a European project for Developing and Maintaining Skills and                                     Competencies for Personnel in the Explosives Sector1
Hans Wallin, KCEM AB, Karlskoga Publication [PDF 56 kb]



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