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EUExcert aims to establish a stable firm fundament and framework for vocational education of people in Europen explosive sector. Training an education institutions as well as social partners will have a tool for competence and career planing. New traning methods will be developed.

The intended effect of EUExcert is to enhance safe working and reduce the number of accidents in the explosives business. EUExNet aims are to create a transnational European network and cluster for the explosives sector.


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From 2003 the EUExcert programme has completed 3 projects in the development of one or more certificates of competence in explosives that would be recognised across Europe and hopefully in other parts of the world. These 3 phases were EUExcert 1 from 2003-Oct 2006, EUExDL from Oct 2006-Sep 2008 and EUExNet from Nov 2009 until Oct 2011.

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EUExImp Handbook for Implementation of Occupational Standards Ed 2, is now here for reading!

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The latest newsletter is now available.

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The 8th international Conference

The 8th International Conference and Work shop on
Explosive Education and Certification of Skills
Arlanda, Sweden. 13-14 June 2017

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